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First Presbyterian Church Cookstown.
Church Music
Organist. Mr. Bryan Dunlop was the faithful and skilled church organist in First Cookstown from1963 until 2016,53 years, as well as teaching piano, organ and theory of music for 50 years. He has also played the organ at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.Bryan was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for his years of services to the Mid Ulster community. He is now ‘Organist Emeritus’ Anne McGuffin and John Black are also talented musicians who play the organ or keyboard and help focus the church’s congregation towards the praise of Almighty God. For further in depth information on the organ in First Cookstown ( the original organ installed in 1911) see the History Section.
Praise Co-ordinator. Mark Dickson. Mark will bring elements of ‘First Harmony’ (Instruments and ‘Praise group’ into a new praise format in conjunction with the choir. If you have an interest in music and would like to get involved please contact Mark Dickson or John Black.
Choir. The choir at First use their gifts and talents in Service to Lord Jesus by leading the congregation as we praise God through worship songs. There is no higher service than praising God so if you would like more information on joining the choir please contact Mark Dickson.
First Harmony at Rehearsal (Thanks to Margaret Wallace for all photos)
(Founded 1646)
Leslley McGlaughlin-Leader of 'First Harmony' Tracey Moore-talented guitarist. John Black who works helps organise 'First Harmony' Brian McGlaughlin-member of 'First Harmony'