First Presbyterian Church Cookstown.
(Founded 1646)
Church Events.
Sunday 12th June 2016 Sunday School and Young People’s Service The Sacrament of Baptism: Sunday 12th June 2016 Rev Dr Isaac Thompson had the pleasure of baptising Katy Berryman and Brandon Berryman, daughter and grandson of George and Linda.
The Sacrament of Baptism: Sunday 24th July 2016 Rev Dr Isaac Thompson had the pleasure of baptising Scarlet Grace Henry,daughter of Lee and Nikita and sister of Oscar.
Latest baptisms.
First Cookstown Bowling Club presented a cheque for £420, raised at ‘The Bowling Service’ for Cookstown Superstars Club’ Norman Bell collected the cheque and when there managed a few good ‘Action shots’ of the bowlers.
Venerable Order of St.John of Jerusalem Service in First Cookstown on 14th June 2015. Viscount Brookborough is Knight Commander for N.I. (to RHS of Dr.Thompson)
Ordination Service for Dr.Alistair Brown in May 2015. LH Photo-Presbytery Commission RH Photo - Gordon Black,Dr.Thompson,Dr.Alistair Brown and Ronnie Nicholl
Sunday 18th June 2017.
Dr.Isaac’s last morning service as Minister of First Cookstown.
Youth Fellowship had a fishing trip to North Coast on Saturday 12 August 2017. Mackerel were caught and after gentle smoking from beech wood they tasted delicious ! We also tried our hand at some sand castle building,sand sculptures, ten pin bowling and, of course, we had ice cream.
The annual bowling club dinner, AGM and prize giving took place on Tuesday 10th April in Killymoon Golf Club. The special guest was Rev Dr J Isaac Thompson, Minister Emeritus. Thomas Dripps was elected as the new chairman and George Faulkner as the new competition secretary. All other posts remained unchanged. A very enjoyable evening was had by all and brought to a conclusion by some musical entertainment from Jonathan Black.
Rev.David Brownlow had the joy of officiating at the Baptism of Louis Cheevers, son of Ian and Nicola Cheevers on Sunday 13th May 2018
Lovely ‘Harvest Window’ photographs from Gordon-Oct 07 2018
Decorations for Christmas Service - Sun 23 Dec 2018 (Thanks to Gordon for photos)