First Presbyterian Church Cookstown.
(Founded 1646)
Church Events.
Sole Hope shoe cutting. Old denim cut into shoe pattern and sent to Uganda.Shoes are then made-these help protect feet of African children from infection by jiggers -fleas which burrow into skin of bare feet’.50 pairs have been made so far.
The Sacrament of Baptism: Sunday 12th June 2016 Rev Dr Isaac Thompson had the pleasure of baptising Katy Berryman and Brandon Berryman, daughter and grandson of George and Linda.
Sunday 12th June 2016 Sunday School and Young People’s Service
Church Barbecue June 2016 (thanks to Alistair Brown for lovely photos)
The Sacrament of Baptism: Sunday 24th July 2016  Rev Dr Isaac Thompson had the pleasure of baptising Scarlet Grace Henry,daughter of Lee and Nikita and sister of Oscar.
Christmas 2016
Nativity Play
Latest baptisms.
Sunday 4th June 2017 The Sacrament of Baptism. Rev Dr Isaac Thompson officiated at the Baptism of Faith Brown daughter of Alastair and Pauline Brown and Trevor Harkness son of Raymond and Louise Harkness 
On 22nd November 2015 Rev.Dr Isaac Thompson presided at the  Thanksgiving Service for the birth of James Robert and Harry Raymond Joseph Black,sons of Nigel and Helen and brothers of Ella and Lucy.
A  Christian Aid Praise Service was held on Sunday 10th May 2015. Helen Newell from Christian Aid sent some images. The sum of £1133 was raised.
Venerable Order of St.John of Jerusalem Service in First Cookstown on 14th June 2015. Viscount Brookborough is Knight Commander for N.I. (to RHS of Dr.Thompson)
Ordination Service for Dr.Alistair Brown in May 2015. LH Photo-Presbytery Commission RH Photo - Gordon Black,Dr.Thompson,Dr.Alistair Brown and Ronnie Nicholl
                                                                                                                P.W.Craft Fair and Coffee morning Sat. 17th Nov 2016 (Thanks to Margaret for photos)  
Sunday 18th June 2017.
Dr.Isaac’s last morning service as Minister of First Cookstown.
Youth Fellowship  had a fishing trip to North Coast on Saturday 12 August 2017. Mackerel were caught and after gentle smoking from beech wood they tasted delicious ! We also tried our hand at some sand castle building,sand sculptures, ten pin bowling and, of course, we had ice cream.