The congregational committee is made up of elected representatives

from the congregation to help co-ordinate the practical running of the

church in First Cookstown.

Various sub-committees exist to better fulfil this aim. These include:


Andrew Johnston (86736678)

Planned maintenance.

Derek Short (86747334)


Anne McGuffin (86762965)


Bob Agnew (86763513)

Gift Aid.

Colin Rea (86765845)


Alan Badger (86763084)


Paul Ferguson (86448601)


Paul Ferguson (86448601)

Health and safety.

Stephen Park (86762079)

For more information please contact the Congregational Secretary John Topping. Stewarding (including Collectors). Stewarding is a special ministry and First Cookstown have a dedicated team of volunteers who use their talents to try and make everyone who attends feel welcome. The team is headed by Alison Bell. If you would like more information please contact Alison . Magazines-Presbyterian Herald,Wider World & Reach Out The Presbyterian Church in Ireland publishes several magazines that are distributed to members of the congregation on request. These magazines contain articles, interviews and often topical discussions relating to Christian Life. If you would like to receive ‘Wider World’ contact Iris Brown.(86762844) If you would like to receive ‘Presbyterian Herald’ or ‘Reach Out’ contact Jim Donaghy (86765805) Catering. There are several kitchens within the building at First Cookstown and whenever the occasion arises a skilled team under the leadership of Ida Badger always ensures the congregation, visitors or guests are well catered for. If you would like to get involved in this ministry please contact Ida Badger.


Kenny Rollins is the lead caretaker at First Cookstown. Despite the

church buildings being old, Kenny always ensures the premises are

presented, cared for and maintained to a very high standard. In

addition, Albert Bownes regularly works behind the scenes and

covers for Kenny whenever required.

For up-to-date information about the use of our property Kenny can

be contacted on 028 867 65980.

Cleaning. Our cleaner Alison Armstrong ensures First Cookstown is kept fresh and clean. The New Manse. Many members are keen to see what our new Manse looks like. Gordon has taken photographs as renovation work continues, and indeed the building looks spacious with a nice open outlook. Pre-contract work has taken place and the main contract will run from 30th July 2018 until end of March 2019.
First Presbyterian Church Cookstown.
(Founded 1646)
Kirk Session The Clerk of Kirk Session is Mr. Gordon Black 028 867 61489. The Assistant Clerk of Session is Mr. Colin Rea. 028 867 65845. Elders Emeriti: George Crooks, Mgt Crooks MBE, Sandy Gibson
Health and Safety Officer. Stephen Park heads up a small team of people who help ensure the church complies with current health and safety legislation (no small task in today’s world). This complex area can require the patience of a saint!
Church Management.
Mrs Ida Badger & Mrs Anne McGuffin greet Church visitors.
Work begins.
As it was.
Photos from Gordon-25th August
Photos from Gordon-06th Sept.
Interior work begins.
Photos 20th Sept.
Photos 02nd Oct.
Photos from Gordon-26th July
Finishing up outside-Late December
Finishing up outside-November
Interior work well underway-late October
Mid February
Mid February
Late January
End of March-interior work shaping up nicely.